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What are employers in the creative field of communications looking for?

Having only a theoretical approach to modern communications and work within the field of creative business will simply not be enough to land you projects or jobs that so many people knife over in the industry. Although important, theoretical skill need to be combined with a comprehensive understanding of practical problem solving and approaches that cannot be taught from books. Node | Create wants to give you a hands on experience, where you develop as both a creative thinker, and as a producer of an actual end product.


In short

1. To get a job in a communications industry must have experience

2. Students need assurance that they can produce communications on their own

3. The confidence of having produced something tangible can not be underestimated


Our experience

From my own experience as a manager in the advertising agencies and the media, I have met many aspiring young people with great optimism. They come in the door with a straight back and a great CV in their hands. When they get the question if they can show anything they have produced, they bend their neck and shuffle toward the door. And there are many of them. Every year educational institutions send out thousands

educated in communications. Few have practical experience.


Our Solution

After a series of productions in New York, Prague, Budapest and Riga, we have good experience of producing overseas. With the team we have highly experienced still photographers and cinematographers.


We want to bring a number of students and practitioners in the communications field to Barcelona. Here we have access to studio equipment, technical personnel, many locations and access to accommodation.


Combining theory with practical work

We want real cases from potential students. Whether this is a music video or TV commercials are immaterial. The

delimitation is that it's a day's shooting with live film, and a day of still photo.


If it should turn out that the cases that come in are not realistic, or simply are not good enough, we will contact  advertising agencies and media to produce real cases from them.


The course alternates between theoretical introduction to the phases and then go directly to the practical implementation of this phase in their ongoing case.


Brief Summary of the course

(It can get transfers in phases and changes as we assure the quality):




















Week 1

/research and conceptualization

The cases AND TEAMS

Presentation of the team

and cases

Communication Strategy

(OWB, POV or theme)


Idea development

Week 2

/from idea to pictures


Selection of ideas (PNI)




Production preparations

Week 3

/production of movies and photos

production week

Choice of specialist functions

Working with crew

Inspire on set

Take continuous assessments

Week 4

/"make shit shine"





image correction

"You can't learn how to ride a bike by reading"

A priceless experience

It's not easy to get in position to exercise the communications field in practice. Without anything to show for it is a long way to go, regardless of theoretical background. After this course you will all be able to demonstrate to have created a project with live video and photo material. Whether it's a full-fledged campaign, a business presentation or a music video and band photos, are not so important. But the decisive factor is that you can showcase what you are able to produce, and a project that anyone on the team can call his or hers.



You learn to work in teams with other people with different backgrounds and skills, and learn to work with specialists; photographers, makeup artists, gaffer etc. On a practical way you will learn to respect other disciplines, and learn how you have to work to make the most of the resources.



By working on joint projects will be close to each other for better or worse. Many will establish close ties, and will be able to help promote each other's careers.


Experience for life

To understand life is about maturing. By attending this course we want to give future communication athletes an experience few others are bestowed. Both with his own portfolio, knowledge about working together with others in a stressful situation, and by becoming better acquainted with yourself.



The full pro film production experience with NODE Create in an intensive 1 month project in Barcelona, will be priced at 39 000 NOK per attendant. We have a good deals for the accommodation. Startup September 2017.


Send us an e-mail or call if you would be interested in this course:

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