How we solve your company's day to day needs for images and movies to social media ?

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The course teaches you to solve your company's image and movie needs of social media with basic lighting and camera. We teach you the technical and narrative tricks to produce quickly and easily through practical exercises. Bring your own equipment if you have it. You work in teams, and get a thorough knowledge of production methods. We provide evaluation and feedback on the process and results

Dag 1:

Photo for social media by Svein Bringsdal

  • product photo
  • textiles
  • food
  • interior
  • people

Theory, practical exercises, feedback.

Dag 2:

Film for social media by Lars Petter Aase

  • distribution of script / review (case)
  • production planning / roles
  • production
  • edeting
  • evaluation

Theory, practical exercises, feedback.

Your instructors will be directors and photographers with extensive experience in advertising and film. Remember to meet prepared and think through questions you want answered.

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